Direct to Consumer

  • Farm to fork strategy
  • Online ordering
  • Direct despatch to consumers
  • Farmers get better returns

We have long been working on a “farm-to-fork” strategy, that is, we act as a direct market channel for organic farmers, getting the organic crops produced from farms to our stores directly, and eventually into our customers’ kitchens and plates.

Daisika’s authentically organic food products are produced using a procedure that includes the following steps

Organic Farming Support

We support organic farming by working closely with farmers practicing organic farming - training, motivating and supporting them in their endeavours. And by helping them get fair returns for their yield and investments.

We examine their products, help them get the “Certified Organic” seal, and distribute these products for reasonable prices in the market to encourage more people buy organic and eat healthy, while supporting organic farming.

Harvest & Cleaning

Harvesting of crops such as cereals, pulses, oil seeds, spices etc includes igging, lifting, winnowing, stocking and threshing. Depending on the system used, some of these can be combined or eliminated. The loss may be due to various reasons such as harvesting after the optimum maturity period, early harvesting, method of harvesting, excess soil moisture, soil moisture deficit, etc.

Processing, Storage

Minimal processing is done for the organically produced crops and food items, and only where needed.

This largely includes de-pollution, removing impurities and cleaning and no other additional processing of the crops or food items like adding preservatives, subjecting them to high temperatures and so on.

Pollution sources are first identified and contamination is avoided to the possible extent.


Usually, products such as cereals, pulses and spices pass through a certain number of hands before it gets to the store shelves and consumers. But at Daisika, these are directly dispatched to our stores from our partner farmers, where minimum processing, cleaning and packing is done before distributing to customers.

We use minimal and eco-friendly packaging that is strong as well as non-toxic.

We have our own delivery system, and our customers can order our products easily, and get them delivered to their doorstep in less than 2-3 days.

Since the products do not go through many hands before reaching customers, these products are not heavily processed and retain their nutrients and genuineness, while getting rid of debris and impurities. These are the products in their natural best form, and devoid of artificial additives.